Towards Alcohol Harm Reduction: Preliminary Results from an Evaluation of a Canadian Managed Alcohol Program

This CARBC report presents an evaluation of a Managed Alcohol Program (MAP) currently being provided for homeless men and women in the Thunder Bay, Ontario region who have severe problems relating to alcohol use and homelessness. The aims of this research were to establish whether the MAP was contributing to (i) improvements in health and well-being of participants, (ii) reductions in their use of emergency, hospital and police services, and (iii) less hazardous patterns of alcohol use, including reduced use of non-beverage alcohol. The authors also aimed to inform the development of future program and policy recommendations. This was a pilot study for a national research program funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research for the evaluation of five MAPs in Ontario and British Columbia.

Prevention of Alcohol-Related Injuries in the Americas: From Evidence to Policy Action

Alcohol consumption has been associated with injuries in a wide variety of settings and from a number of causes, including those related to traffic, falls, fires, sports and the workplace, and those resulting from interpersonal and self-inflicted violence. This book, whose co-editors include CARBC's Cheryl Cherpitel and Tim Stockwell, clearly illustrates the significant impact of alcohol consumption on violence and the burden it causes to health systems and society as a whole. The book also describes various ways to reduce alcohol-related injuries, including the use of cost-effective policies to decrease harmful drinking at the population as well as the individual level.

Evaluation of a Managed Alcohol Program in Vancouver, BC: Early Findings and Reflections on Alcohol Harm Reduction

Managed Alcohol Programs (MAPs) provide regulated doses of alcohol to residents in supportive accommodation to address seemingly intractable health and social problems experienced by people with alcohol dependence, use of non-beverage alcohol and unstable housing. In this CARBC research bulletin, the Station Street MAP was evaluated for housing stability, access and use of health care services, social functioning, harms and patterns of alcohol use and changes in health.

CARBC Blog: Matters of Substance

People associated with CARBC are involved in a wide variety of topics and issues related to substance use and addictions. In this blog, we are able to share our work informally and encourage discussion on matters of substance.

The Power of Stigma and Its Impact on Drug Use

Posted by Cecilia Benoit, Mikael Jansson, and Bill McCarthy
on Wednesday, April 16, 2014.

Why are people involved in sex work more likely to use “hard” drugs such as cocaine and heroin than someone working as a server in a restaurant? Is it because they are “immoral” or “bad” people, or is it because their occupation is more stigmatized? If our society directed less stigma or judgment toward this group, would there be less use of hard drugs and smaller differences in substance use between sex workers and servers? Our research seems to indicate yes. Read more


Sex and Drugs Blog Series: An Introduction

Posted by Eric Roth on Monday, April 14, 2014.

It is my pleasure to introduce and provide an overview for the next Centre for Addictions Research of BC theme in the Matters of Substance blog series. This upcoming theme is succinctly and provocatively entitled Sex and Drugs. Our contributors will look at the intersection between substance use, sexual behaviour, pleasure and risk from a variety of perspectives and in a broad set of contexts. While all blogs are based on empirical data, authors also consider emerging theories attempting to explain substance use and sexual behaviour linkages. Scanning upcoming blog titles, I discern at least two major themes corresponding to current research on this topic. The first examines the relationship between sexual behaviour and the rationale for and consequences of associated substance use, while the second examines patterns and levels of substance use by sexual orientation. Read more


Latest News & Notes

“The Search for Sustainable Development in the Toquaht Nation”

UVic is seeking a Post-Doctoral Fellow and two Research Assistants to support this two-year research project. The aim of the project is to develop socio-culturally sensitive measurement and evaluation mechanisms that will be used by the Toquaht Nation to evaluate economic development project proposals and assess the impact of economic development projects that are implemented.

The Canada Addiction Medicine Research Fellowship

In brief, The Canada Addiction Medicine Research Fellowship provides $50,000 research fellowships for physicians who are involved in the care of alcohol- and drug-addicted patients. This one-year part-time program involves mentored research training as well as publication and grant development and runs from July 1 to June 30 annually. Applications for this year’s cohort are due on May 15, 2014.

Interdisciplinary Substance Use and Addictions Research Graduate Scholarships

CARBC is offering up to six entry scholarships of at least $2,000 each for incoming graduate students in health professional programs and social and behavioural sciences (nursing, economics, sociology, psychology, anthropology and other areas), as well as health-related interdisciplinary graduate programs (e.g., Social Dimensions of Health).

The CANARY Study: Cannabis Access Regulations Study

The goal of this study is to better understand the impact of the upcoming changes to Federal health regulations on how Canadians access medical cannabis. This study is looking for people who have or have not used cannabis as a medicine, are 19 years old or older, and have arthritis, cancer, chronic pain or HIV/AIDS. The first survey must be completed by May 1, 2014.

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CARBC In the news

Op/Ed: Decriminalizing commercial sex is the right thing to do
Date: March 14, 2014
Source: Cecilia Benoit for the Vancouver Sun

Evidence of Impacts of Managed Alcohol Programs in Canada
Date: March 10, 2014
Source: University of Victoria

Op/Ed: Help young people make good choices
Date: March 7, 2014
Source: Times Colonist

Op/Ed: Talk about booze without scare tactics
Date: February 14, 2014
Source: Times Colonist

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Challenging Drug Prohibition and the Regulation of Reproduction and Mothering
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Challenging Drug Prohibition & The Regulation of Reproduction and Mothering
Date: Saturday, May 17, 2014
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Women and Drugs: HSD 460/580
Date: May 12-23, 2014
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The 5th Annual Public Health Summer School
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