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New impaired-driving app is ‘good to go’ for BC

Posted February 19, 2014 by Nicole Bodner

Since teens tend to be fully engaged in new technologies, it makes sense for educators and others to capitalize on this seemingly “natural” relationship by sharing important information the teen way. This is the reasoning behind a new app for schools and communities on safe driving and substance use, created by CARBC (UVic) and 7th Floor Media (SFU).

Available for free on iTunes, Good to Go? is one way educators and other caring adults can share key messages about the effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving ability. Featuring a self-reflective quiz and fun graphics, the app takes new and soon-to-be drivers on a ride exploring different types of impairment and the factors that can increase or decrease their impact on a driver’s decisions and abilities behind the wheel.

Using Good to Go?, students not only learn more about drugs and their relationship to the human mind and body but they also get to tune into their own personalities, preferences and other factors that may influence their current or future relationship with drugs. In the process, they get a clearer sense of the personal and social responsibilities that go along with the privilege of driving.

Good to Go? is the newest part of a larger educational initiative called Drugs and Driving, funded by Health Canada and featuring both classroom learning activities and a website (www.drugsanddriving.ca). The 6-lesson Drugs and Driving module aims to help Grade 10 students develop the knowledge and skills needed to implement a broad social marketing strategy for addressing impaired driving in their communities.

Reaching young people on any matter can be tricky. But it can be particularly tricky when it comes to matters that mean a lot to the adults in their lives. Sometimes truly connecting with a young person on a meaningful subject requires less face-to-face time and more screen time.

Link to Good to Go?

Link to drugsanddriving.ca

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