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A New Tool Supporting Motivational Brief Intervention

Posted March 02, 2012 by Dan Reist

Recently we released a new tool to help school professionals (or any adults) who want to help a young person address substance use or consider any change in their lives. This tool is not about trying to fix or solve things but rather about supporting young people to articulate and reach their goals.

Using basic principles and communication skills, school professionals can help students assess themselves, explore things they may want to change, and make plans to take action. Whereas punative approaches tend to push young people away, this motivational approach actually nurtures connectedness and encourages responsible participation.

The Art of Motivation tool provides

  1. A basic introduction to the principles that underpin a motivational approach
  2. A primer on the skills needed
  3. Illustrated discussion on using a motivational approach in various situations
  4. Access to simple worksheets and other resources

In order to use this tool, you need to spend time on the website learning the concepts, reviewing the skill and exploring ways to implement the approach. And then you need to practice. We suggest you practice in everyday situations rather than waiting to address particular problems.

For further information about the tool and discussion on how a motivational approach has been implemented in some school districts in BC, you can view this webinar. It was originally broadcast on February 7, 2012 and later re-recorded. Because we were still unfamiliar with the technology, the web tour part of the webinar is less than ideal. Please be aware that as the features of the web tool are being described, you can navigate around the site as you would in a normal browser.

Your suggestions on ways to improve the tool or your ideas for other tools that would be useful in supporting the implementation of promising practices in a school setting are always welcome.



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